Tricycle Rickshaw Car Crash

john  —  July 18, 2012

I always drive Canthy to work in the morning then go off and do my own stuff. On the way home I got stuck in another traffic jam, which is not unusual. But then I saw it was caused by a crash between a van and a bicycle rickshaw. The poor old cyclist was still on the floor, hurt but luckily not dead. A crowd had gather around but the ploice or ambulance had not yet arrived. Couldn’t tell who fault it was, but in most cases it’s the cyclist or electric scooters rider that has ignored or jumped the lights. It’s a serious problem in China, as no one seems to pay attention to the rules of the road. Many times I have had swerve to avoid scooters and even had pedestrians step in front of my car, trying to cross the road when the lights are red. Driving in China is a nightmare, as no one follows or obeys the rules and everyone just wants to get ahead. So drivers continually switch lanes without indicating, pull out without looking and drive using their mobile phones. It sometimes feels more like your driving in a video game than in real life. Except that China has more road deaths than any other country (except India) and that is for real.

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