The Tank Museum

john  —  April 13, 2013

The sole Tank Museum in Asia is situated between the beautiful Summer Palace and Badaling Section of the Great Wall. In front of the museum, there is a tank with Chinese characters bayi (August 1, the foundation date of the PLA), which makes the tank look majestic. Entering the spacious and bright exhibition rooms, you will find nearly 1,400 materials, photos, pictures which tell you the development of China’s armor cause and the efforts world military powers have made to build strong tank forts. 11 exhibitions rooms inside the museum respectively display the development history of China’s armors, tank armored cars, tank training simulators, and weapon imitated models.

From the first tank named little vagabond used by England in 1916 during the first world war to the brand-new battle tanks nowadays, from 59-style mid-sized tank to Japanese 90-style tank, the most costly tank in the current world, and from the Soviet T34 tank which has the longest service in the army to the tank captured by the PLA from the Kuomingtang army in the liberation war, all kinds of tank will tell you the story of human’s creation and employment of tanks.

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