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Shihua Cave Geoarea

john  —  February 21, 2012

Shihua Caverns (Stone Follower Caverns) is a key national scenic spot, national AAAA level Tourist Attraction, as well as a Geoarea of Fangshan Global Geopark.

The cave is multi-storeys and consists of seven layers. Layers 1 to 6 are dry and layer 7 is submerged in underground river. Layers 1 to 4 is open to public at present and the sight-seeing route is more than 2,500m long. The sediments in the cave are complete in variety. changeable types of tufa were generated by infiltration, dripping, flowing, stagnating and splashing and there are over 40 kinds of travertine forms.

Shihua Cave is an ideal destination for sight-seeing and scientific research.

Shihua Caverns is also a national geological park which is noted for the unique Karst cave sightseeing and a valuable informational bank on geological research.

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