Only 1% of Chinese Families Use Car Seats

john  —  May 25, 2014

Mar22_Baby_car_seatChina has one of the high­est and most dan­ger­ous traf­fic acci­dent records in the world. When­ever I am dri­ving, road safety is always on my mind, espe­cially when trav­el­ing with two young chil­dren. We always make sure Tanya and Ali­cya are securely strapped into their car seats, but this is not com­mon in China. In fact only 1% of Chi­nese fam­i­lies with cars use child seats. It’s a fright­en­ing sta­tis­tic, which results in 185,000 deaths a year in China of chil­dren under 14. It is more com­mon to see par­ents hold­ing their chil­dren in the back seat or even in the front seat with­out either wear­ing a seat belt. The prob­lem is due to a lack of cul­ture towards safety, insuf­fi­cient knowl­edge about the dan­gers and weak laws, which if they exist are not rig­or­ously enforced. Also many chil­dren don’t like to use car seats at first, so many par­ents give up when their child is cry­ing and scream­ing to get out. We went though this sit­u­a­tion with Tanya, so it was painful and dif­fi­cult period for every­one, but I insisted she had to use it. Now she is pretty good and enjoys being in her own seat, which gives us all the peace of mind when dri­ving on the roads in China.

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