Killer Pollution Back in Beijing

john  —  December 21, 2015

Dec1_Beijing_pollution Dec1_Beijing_pollution3 Dec2_Pollution

How ironic as Xi Jin­ping and 159 world lead­ers debate cli­mate change in Paris: Bei­jing is hav­ing its worse day of pol­lu­tion. The pol­lu­tion read­ings have been off the scales as thick, heavy, putrid smelling smog descended on the city. Talk­ing is good but it doesn’t seem to be mak­ing much dif­fer­ence in China. As here we need real and imme­di­ate action to solve the prob­lem and stop it get­ting even worse. I just wish the con­fer­ence had of been held in Bei­jing. Then every­one would know just how seri­ous the prob­lem is and see first hand what it does to the envi­ron­ment and city life.

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