Jiankou Zhengbeilou Tower

john  —  April 24, 2012
To book this tour please click here.

To book this tour please click here.

After checking out the Beijing Knot on the previous day, today’s mission was to hike from the village, to the Zhengbeilou tower then to the Mutianyu (restored) section of the Great Wall.  After another hour long hike up the mountain, we could see the impressive Jiankou section of the wall.

From the Zhengbeilou tower the view was more impressive.

In the picture above, you can see the wall leading up to the tower from the west is nearly gone replaced by a steep slope.  The tower itself is still in decent shape and thus you can climb inside and enjoy the view from the roof.

The great wall continues east and that is the path we take.

The Wall as viewed from inside one of the Watchtowers.

About 5 hours after leaving the village we arrived at the Mutianyu (restored) section of the Great Wall.


An AAAAA national tourist attraction would not be complete without:


Overall the hike on Jiankou was very pleasant and offered impressive views.  I would highly recommend it on a day with clear skies.

(Blog posted by Kevin on March 25, 2012)