Jiankou-Mutianyu blocked off as of 30th of March, 2016.

john  —  May 22, 2016

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Hi John,

Thanks again for a great day.

Pictures attached of the blocked tower (20th) – I think it’s the one where the hike transfers from ‘Wild’ to ‘Restored’ and we had to edge out along a small ledge and climb over the blockage into the watchtower from there – but there was quite a drop below.

In the last image you can see behind the woman a lower part of the wall, to the right of the picture which is where we climbed over (about 1 meter in heigh).

Hope this helps!


Update 5th of May, 2016.



The Mutianyu authority started to build blockage from Jiankou to Mutianyu on 30th March. The entrance at Watch Tower 20 was closed off. It is still manageable if you are willing to climb over the 60cm-high wall next to the entrance. The hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu now is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a pity that the doorway was blocked.