Hot Pot in Beijing

john  —  March 26, 2013

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Hot pot, or “huŏguō” (火锅) has many kinds, but the best known one originates from Chóngqìng city, which also used to be a part of Sìchuān province until it gained municipality status in 1997. Hot pot basically consists of a pot with a boiling soup, and is one of the “do it yourself” kind of foods, as all the meat, veggies and other things are served raw and are supposed to be cooked in the soup for a brief time. The soup can have a mild taste (qīngtāng; 青汤), spicy (málà; 麻辣), or you can also ask for a “yuānyang guō” (鸳鸯锅), which is divided in the middle and one half is filled with spicy, the other one with non-spicy soup. Hot pot is especially recommended in the winter time, as merely sitting next to the boiling soup can warm you up. It is one of the more expensive Chinese foods in Beijing, but definitely very unique and tasty. Count with around 20-25 RMB/person.