Don’t Drink The Water—Unless It’s Bottled

john  —  February 9, 2013


Don’t drink the water is one of the first things peo­ple say to you when you come to China. At home peo­ple will boil their drink­ing water first, then drink it hot or warm, rather than cold. Oth­er­wise they will have water cool­ers like these 18.9 litre bot­tle ones we have in the office.

This brand is called Yili 益力 which roughly trans­lates to “ben­e­fits and strength”. It is one of the most pop­u­lar brands, as it come from Danone which is a respected a trusted for­eign brand, which owns Volvic and Evian. How­ever, the water in these is just puri­fied water, so its clean and healthy, but doesn’t taste as good as pure spring water.

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