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Dawn at Jinshanling

john  —  October 16, 2012

WildChina Tour Leader Christian discusses a recent survey trip to the Jinshanling (Golden Mountain) section of the Great Wall:

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It’s not every day you get a chance to come to the Great Wall. When my colleagues and I undertook a recent trip to Jinshanling that involved spending the night in tents next to the ancient edifice, we decided to make the most of our time and wake up early to watch the sun rise from the battlements.

At 4:00AM, our alarms went off and in hushed whispers we gathered our jackets, our water bottles, and our cameras. The clouds from the rain the day before had cleared and the moon shone brightly lighting our path to the base of the Great Wall. The air was cool and crisp, and the dew on the grass sparkled with the moonlight. Periodically a joke would surface about the early hour but for the most part we walked in silence enjoying the peaceful quiet that seems so rare at any other time of day.

When we reached the base of the wall, we began our slow steady climb breathing lightly as we made our way to the top of the highest available tower. As we climbed it was impossible not think back to what it was like hundreds of years ago for a sentry posted here to be silent and watchful in the dark. Atop our tower at last, the wind whipped through the crenelations quickly cooling us from the brief ascent. Like archers we lined our cameras along the arrow loops hoping for the perfect shot at the sun that had already begun to brighten the morning sky into a warm blue gray.

On this particular day the clouds were hanging low on the horizon blurring what we had hoped would be a perfect glowing orb. Nonetheless the view was incredible. As the sun rose on these stones as it has for thousands of years past, its rays colored the wall a soft orange hue that was striking. It was an early morning to be sure, but the chance to witness the wall’s stones gilded in sunlight was an experience I will remember forever.

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Jinshanling Great Wall

john  —  April 4, 2012

One of the more beautiful sections of the Great Wall of China is Jinshanling (Jīnshānlǐng, 金山岭.) Jinshanling spans 10.5 km through a mountainous Luanping County, 125 km north of Beijing. The wall itself consists of 67 towers and 2 beacon towers. While the first couple kilometers have been restored, as you approach Simatai to the east, you will find the majestic remnants of the wall that separated China from its enemies.

The Great Wall snakes for more than 6000 km through northern China along the southern edges of Inner Mongolia. While some parts of the wall date back to 220 BC, Jinshanling is a more recent addition built by the Ming Dynasty in 1570 AD.

Hiking the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall will allow you some of the best views and most amazing pictures. The wall meanders up and down through the mountains and can get rather steep during the hike. At the entrance, many guides will recommend going left toward the cable car however going right and entering the wall at Zhuan Duo Kou (砖垛口) will give you the chance to hike 9 more towers on a renovated part of the wall without the cable car crowd. From these towers, you will get great photos and be able to see the challenges that lay ahead.

The hike, itself, will consume 3-5 hours of your day and can be strenuous at times. As you near the highest peaks and towers, the wall becomes very steep and the walkway turns to loose rock. This part of the wall has not been renovated and as it looks amazing, you should be careful with your footing. The stairs leading to and from the towers tend to have narrow footholds and be spaced far apart. While the hike should not pose a problem for most people, if need be there are small paths off of the wall that lead you around the steep sections. These are the paths that the local vendors take to get to the Great Wall (to avoid buying a ticket).

The entrance ticket is 50RMB however this is rumored to be increasing to 80RMB in 2012. The entrance ticket does not include the cable car trip. Near the entrance there are public restrooms, small vendor stands selling over-priced trinkets and a restaurant. It is recommended to bring bottles of water and snacks with you. There will be vendors along the wall selling souvenirs, drinks and snacks however they are priced high.

To book this tour please click here.

To book this tour please click above.

Getting there: The drive to Jinshanling will take about 2.5 hours. Most people will get to the Great Wall early so that they have plenty of time to hike before the hottest part of the day. There are a couple ways to get to Jinshanling by bus.

The first, take a bus bound for Miyun County from Dongzhimen Long Distance Bus Station. When you arrive in Miyun, you can take the local tourist bus to Jinshanling.

You can also take a bus to Chengde from Liuliqiao Long Distance Bus Station. You will get off the bus at Jinshanling Intersection and then either hike or take a taxi to the Great Wall. The buses depart every hour beginning at 8:00 am.

Many tourists will take either a bus tour or private car leaving directly from Beijing. The hostels and hotels will be able to provide more information on the bus tours or you may find a tour promoter near such tourist attractions as the Forbidden City. Be sure to bargain the tour prices as they are set a little high.

A private car service may be ideal for small groups of friends and travelers. Here is Beijing is a local service that we would recommend.

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