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Jingshan Park

john  —  February 21, 2012

Jingshan Park (Jǐngshān Gōngyuán, 景山公园) is well known to Beijingers as providing the best panoramic shots of the Forbidden City and, on a clear day, of the entire city. When the Emperor’s Palace was constructed in Beijing and the moats were dug, the excavated soil was used to create this artificial hill directly north of the palace. The hill consists of five small peaks each housing a pavilion. The most popular, center pavilion provides a breathtaking view of the Forbidden City.

Jingshan Park is a popular attraction for tourists leaving the Forbidden City through the northern Gate of Divine Might and others exploring the hutong areas around the palace. The park’s forest and gardens are a nice escape from the bustling Beijing streets to the south. During the day, there are usually gatherings of elderly people dancing or doing other exercises. Outside of the entrance will be rickshaw drivers offering hutong (alley) tours but be sure to bargain for these tours. The admission into the park is RMB2.

(Blog  contributed by TheBJReviewer on October 21, 2011.)

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