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Fragrant Hills is a special park on the outskirts of the city that offers lush open spaces.

Located at the foot of the Western Mountains in the northwestern part of the city, the 825-year-old leafy park is filled with traditional architecture and cultural relics.

Fragrant Hills Park covers 1.6 km² (395 acres), with a natural pine-cypress forest, hills with maple tree, and persimmon trees, as well as landscaped areas with traditional architecture and cultural relics.

The name is derived from Chinese Incense Burner the park’s highest peak, Xianglu Feng, (1,827 ft) is a hill with two large stones resembling incense burners at the top. Xianshan Park represents a fantastic getaway, offering an historic point of view as the home of leisure for past emperors and even Chairman Mao. Xiang Shan is commonly known for its vivid reds of deciduous trees in the autumn.

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