Apple Wangfujing: Biggest Store in Asia

john  —  April 27, 2014


My Man­darin school is very close to Wang­fu­jing Street, the most famous shop­ping street in China. Most lunchtimes I will go there to have lunch and prac­tice my Man­darin in the shops. The street has the biggest Apple store in Asia, a huge three-story glass and steel cathe­dral of cool. Recently there have been many rumours about the new iPhone 6, so I went in to ask the Apple staff about it. Obvi­ously they couldn’t tell me any­thing and I didn’t expect them to. I just wanted to prac­tice my Chi­nese and see how long I could keep the con­ver­sa­tion going. I asked ques­tions like; when it would come out?, how big was the screen?, what was the price?, etc, etc. I did pretty well but I need to improve my tech­nol­ogy vocab­u­lary, as some of the terms were hard for me to under­stand in Chi­nese. I plan to go back again in a few weeks and prac­tice again with the staff, as I can’t wait for the new iPhone 6 to come out.

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