Ancient Carriage Meets Old Fasioned Tricyle

john  —  May 12, 2013

Apr26_BillboardWhat orig­i­nally drew my atten­tion to this bill­board was the paint­ing of the old Chi­nese horse-drawn car­riage and the tri­cy­cle parked in front of it. I thought the idea of show­ing the ancient trans­port with the more mod­ern pedal pow­ered made an inter­est­ing jux­ta­po­si­tion. When I first came to China in the late 1980s the cycle still dom­i­nated the roads and more than 90% of the traf­fic was bicy­cles. Nowa­days the traf­fic is 90% cars with fewer and few pedal cycles. I’d love to find my old pho­tos from that period, but I think they are in stor­age some­where in the UK prob­a­bly at my par­ents house. So next time I go back to the UK I will try to dig them out. As Can­thy is often ask­ing to see old pho­tos of me from my first trip to Bei­jing in 1988.

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