12-Part Series: The Forbidden City- CCTV-9 Documentary Channel

john  —  December 26, 2012

The Imperial Palace, also known as the Forbidden City, is located in the heart of Beijing. It has served as the residence to 24 emperors throughout the Ming and Qing dynasties between 1368 A.D. and 1911 A.D. but is now used as the Palace Museum.

The Forbidden City has been the center of the highest authority for more than 500 years in China. With garden landscapes and an enormous architectural complex consisting of 9,000 chambers and halls containing furniture and works of art, it has become the historical landmark witnessing invaluable Chinese civilization during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The Forbidden City Part 1: Initiation of the Forbidden City:

Part 2: The pinnacle of the flourishing age

Part 3: Governing the country by rites

Part 4: Administration of state affairs

Part 5: Between the state and family

Part 6: Porcelains in the Forbidden City

Part 7: Paintings an calligraphic works in the Forbidden City

Part 8: Jade objects in the Forbidden City

Part 9: Western Fever in the Forbidden City

Part 10: From palace to museum

Part 11: The shifting and loss of national treasures

Part 12: The everlasting Forbidden City